Artisan garderner, Senior Data Scientist

Murat Yalcin

Murat is a data scientist and gardening enthusiast. He likes spending time in his garden and providing organic, local food to his family. He is trying different innovative techniques in gardening, like dense gardening, permaculture, unfinished compost, etc. He loves combining technology with traditional gardening. He mostly focuses on vegetable gardening. He chooses the finest species of each plant, like heirloom tomato, Armenian cucumber, etc. He is also interested in pasture-raised, organic eggs. He has a dedicated space for his chickens and he is able to provide enough eggs to his family. Murat supports local families to help them become self-sufficient. To allow local food and experience sharing he started UrbanicFarm. UrbanicFarm helps create a local food community and decreases the dependency on traditional, supermarket foods. He is a serial entrepreneur and his focus is on leading-edge and innovative technology, from planning and development to implementation. Currently, Murat is a Senior Data Scientist at Walmart Global Tech in Silicon Valley. He is married and he has two daughters and one son.

Work Experience:

  • Senior Data Scientist | Walmart Labs
  • Data Scientist / NLP Engineer | Apple
  • Data Scientist | Hitachi
  • Data Scientist | Upwork


  • May 2019 – Feb 2021 | Georgia Institute of Technology | Master’s DegreeComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence
  • Jun 2015 – Dec 2016 | 
    | Master’s DegreeOperation Research