An average American
spends $892 on groceries

Here is how to save $749.28

When you grow your own,
it is only 84% of the cost

A tomato costs $3.5 on market, it is only $0.56 if you grow on your garden

Did you know that
a single tomato travels 1369 miles
before it reaches your fridge?

Most nutrients either do not develop fully or lose its nutritional value throughout its journey

Gardening is hard

There are bunch of subjects you need to be familiar in order to grow your own vegetables.
Knowledge of seed, seedling, sapling, compost, fertilizer, supports, pesticide, herbicide, planting, pruning, watering, pest control and more...


We provide full support from seed to harvest including seed, seedling, sapling, compost, fertilizer, supports, pesticide and herbicide.
We guide you on every stage like planting, pruning and watering. Our Plant Tracking System tracks your plants and tells you what to and when to.
On our marketplace you can reach 100% organic vegetables on vine in your neighbourhood


We provide the perfect service for you and your garden.

Full Support
Full Support

We share our expertise and knowledge with you and provide tools needed to grow healthy and organic plants.

Plant Care
Plant Care

With our Plant Tracking System we are guiding you to grow excellent plants.

Cost Efficient Watering
Cost Efficient Watering

Watering cost is being reduced with efficient methods.

AI Based System

Our AI-based systems will guide you on every stage.


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